New York Department of Financial Services–Industry Letters

  • Guidance & List of Essential Services by New York ESD Ref. EO 202.6 (Updated 10/23/2020)

    Industry related Executive Orders issued by Governor Cuomo re: COVID-19

    202.92 Remote electronic Notarization (Original EO 202.7) is extended until February 26, 2021

    202.81 Moratorium on Commercial Foreclosures & Evictions Extended to January 31, 2021

  • 202.72 Time to answer pending summary eviction proceeding for non-payment of rent from Nov. 3rd is 60 days
    202.70 Moratorium on Commercial Foreclosures & Evictions Extended to January 1, 2021
    202.67 Tolls Statute of Limitations until Nov. 3rd **Not Extended Past 11/3**
    202.66 Residential Tenants who experienced financial hardships due to COVID are protected from eviction through Jan. 1, 2021
    202.57 Moratorium on Commercial Tenant Evictions & Commercial foreclosures extended to September 20, 2020
    Judge Marks’ Memo: Revised Procedure for Addressing Residential and Commercial Eviction Proceedings (8/12/2020)
    202.48 Lifted the prohibition of initiation or enforcement of residential mortgage foreclosures and evictions
    202.22  Real Property Tax Law related issues
    202.18  Electronic meetings for non-profits; Condominiums in 1st year of operation; Extension of previous EOs to May 15, 2020
    202.16  No Action/No Filing letters for affordable housing and homeless shelters
    202.14  Increase in fines for non-compliance of social distancing directive
    202.13  Certain construction is exempt from in-person; Modification of Section 576 of the Banking Law
    202.12  Election & Health Issues
    202.9  Mortgage Forbearance
    202.8  Reduce in-person workforce to 100%; Limited Court actions
    202.7  Reduce in-person workforce to 75%; Allow Electronic Notarization
    202.6  Reduce in-person workforce to 50%; Essential Services identified by ESD
    (updated 5/19/2020)
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