NYMBA Committees:  Be Involved–Be part of the Solution

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  • MEMBERSHIP VALUE  Identify and reach out to prospective lenders, loan servicers and affiliated entities doing business in New York to expand the membership base to be representative of the $166 billion mortgage business in the state. Explore additional ways to enhance member benefits.
  • LEGISLATIVE   Monitor & discuss pending legislation that affects your industry and discuss where the committee stands on passage or defeat of legislation and make recommendations to NYMBA Board of Directors. Planning of the annual Advocacy Conference and Lobby Day are a subcommittee of Legislative.
  • PAC  Support the New York Mortgage Bankers Political Action Committee (PAC) which focuses on getting “a seat at the table” by raising money to attend events sponsored by legislators. New York is a state with robust legislative initiatives and PAC funds are an important component to accessing lawmakers and staying relevant in Albany.
  • CONVENTION   Plan and host a convention & golf outing that provides both educational value and networking opportunities for members.
  • EDUCATION   Interact with members to identify relevant topics and plan educational events accordingly. Provide annual required Continuing Education opportunities for Loan Officers. Assist with the planning of educational events for the annual convention.
  • AFFORDABLE HOUSING/COMMUNITY INVESTMENT   Educate and increase member awareness of existing affordable housing programs and resources to increase access to homeownership in underserved communities; provide opportunities for members to earn CRA credits in their assessment area; work with stakeholders to identify new and unique ways to address home affordability in the state.
  • COMMUNICATIONS   Execute a marketing strategy clearly communicating and promoting the mission of NYMBA within the industry via social media, email communications, the association website and quarterly newsletters.
  • LOAN SERVICING   Closely monitors legislative and regulatory matters impacting servicing and prepares letters of support or opposition. Support the industry as a whole on adverse legislation by preparing and submitting Amicus briefs. Collaborate with local task forces, municipal representatives and mortgage servicers showing commitment of our industry to follow maintenance requirements for vacant and abandoned properties in the foreclosure process. Continue to forge new partnerships & sustain existing relationships. Participate in the planning of the annual convention with servicing related topics.
  • TECHNOLOGY  Bring forth evolving technology in the industry and how NYMBA can help members face challenges utilizing technology.

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