Manufactured Housing Title Conversion

To help ensure that affordable mortgage financing remains a viable option for manufactured home owners in New York, NYMBA supports proposed legislation, S6277A, which makes necessary changes to state law that allow lenders to comply with secondary and investor requirements.   Jeff Barringer and Marc Lifset of McGlinchey Stafford, New York MBA members, helped to craft the language in the bill that received Legislature approval.

While many manufactured homes are financed as personal property, the ability to finance land and a manufactured home with a mortgage is an attractive option for many homeowners seeking more favorable financing terms. Without the support and involvement of investors such as Freddie Mac, the availability of Land-Home Mortgages is limited.

Currently, in forty-four (44) states, a certificate of title establishes ownership of, and perfection of a security interest in, a manufactured home. All but New York also provide a formal statutory procedure for electing to convey and encumber a home as real property. Satisfying this conversion procedure legally converts the home to real property for all purposes.