NY DFS on Cybersecurity

Join us as we host the NY DFS Executive Deputy Superintendent of Cybersecurity Justin Herring; Supervisor/Examination Team Lead William Peterson; and Deputy Rholda Ricketts. Jacqueline Goralczyk, LL.M., CIPM will moderate the event. Questions may be submitted in advance.

Cybersecurity is an ongoing practice and companies need to ensure that regulations are followed and best practices are employed to protect themselves and their customers from risk.

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Governor Signs Eviction/Foreclosure Moratorium Bill

A bill drafted and introduced by the NYS legislature on December 24, 2020 (A.11181/S.9114) that would prevent evictions and eviction proceedings against residential tenants and prevent foreclosure actions against homeowners and certain small landlords experiencing financial or health-related hardships due to coronavirus until May 1, 2021, was passed in a special session on December 28th and signed by the Governor that evening and is effective immediately.

Under the COVID-19 Emergency Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2020, tenants and homeowners must make "hardship declarations," subject to penalty of perjury,  to their landlord (tenants) and lienholder (homeowners) of their inability to pay their housing expense.  The bill stays residential foreclosure proceedings for sixty days, and allows borrowers who own ten or fewer residential dwellings, including their primary residence, who are experiencing financial hardship to file a hardship declaration with the mortgage lender, other foreclosing party or the court that will prevent the filing and proceedings on a foreclosure action until May 1, 2021. 

Governor Cuomo's Press Release, 12/28/2020
Bill A.11181/S.9114. 12/24/2020


          New York Department of Financial Services–Industry Letters

  • Guidance & List of Essential Services by New York ESD Ref. EO 202.6 (Updated 10/23/2020)

    Industry related Executive Orders issued by Governor Cuomo re: COVID-19

    202.92 Remote electronic Notarization (Original EO 202.7) is extended until February 26, 2021

    202.81 Moratorium on Commercial Foreclosures & Evictions Extended to January 31, 2021

  • 202.72 Time to answer pending summary eviction proceeding for non-payment of rent from Nov. 3rd is 60 days
    202.70 Moratorium on Commercial Foreclosures & Evictions Extended to January 1, 2021
    202.67 Tolls Statute of Limitations until Nov. 3rd **Not Extended Past 11/3**
    202.66 Residential Tenants who experienced financial hardships due to COVID are protected from eviction through Jan. 1, 2021
    202.57 Moratorium on Commercial Tenant Evictions & Commercial foreclosures extended to September 20, 2020
    Judge Marks’ Memo: Revised Procedure for Addressing Residential and Commercial Eviction Proceedings (8/12/2020)
    202.48 Lifted the prohibition of initiation or enforcement of residential mortgage foreclosures and evictions
    202.22  Real Property Tax Law related issues
    202.18  Electronic meetings for non-profits; Condominiums in 1st year of operation; Extension of previous EOs to May 15, 2020
    202.16  No Action/No Filing letters for affordable housing and homeless shelters
    202.14  Increase in fines for non-compliance of social distancing directive
    202.13  Certain construction is exempt from in-person; Modification of Section 576 of the Banking Law
    202.12  Election & Health Issues
    202.9  Mortgage Forbearance
    202.8  Reduce in-person workforce to 100%; Limited Court actions
    202.7  Reduce in-person workforce to 75%; Allow Electronic Notarization
    202.6  Reduce in-person workforce to 50%; Essential Services identified by ESD
    (updated 5/19/2020)
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