urban housing outline

March Forum

Revitalizing Communities and Forging New Partnerships Restoring zombie properties for New York municipalities and consumers is paramount.   This event provided a starting point positive discussion on revitalizing communities with experts in the fields of fast-track foreclosure law, property preservation, mortgage loan servicing as well as elected officials and community stakeholders.  Neighborhood reinvestment and tools to rehabilitate properties in New York were explored in this 1/2 day workshop for those interested in improving communities throughout New York. REVITALIZING COMMUNITIES FORUM:  MARCH 18, 2019, 8am-1pm Renaissance Hotel, 144…

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2019 NYMBA Adv

2019 Advocacy Conference

ADVOCACY DAY CONFERENCE–“Making a Difference Together”:  MARCH 18 & 19 Renaissance Hotel, 144 State Street, Albany Join us in Albany on March 18 & 19, 2019 for this important event.  Only through advocacy can we stop legislation that has unintended consequences for lenders and consumers alike. This is your opportunity to promote good legislation and meet with your elected representatives. You can make a difference because you know your business better than anyone, and your knowledge is valuable to members of the state legislature. By attending,…

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