The Department is currently reviewing the request to limit the registrations fees as well as the look back period that would be covered by its Industry Letter – Guidance to New York State Regulated Mortgage Lenders and Servicers Relating to Fees Paid to Register Mortgages in Default. Note that this should only include New York properties

In order for the Department to adequately address the issues raised, we are asking for the following information:

  • Total Amount of Base registration fee paid to register properties in New York. The figure should not include any late filing fees, penalty, performance bond or surety bond premiums or monies posted as security for vacant properties.
    Breakdown of the fee by type (default, vacant, other) and Breakdown of the fee by year, if possible
  • The total amount of charges paid that are incidental to the registration of properties in New York. A charge incidental to the registration of a property includes late fees, penalties and any costs associated with paying the registration fee.
  • Breakdown similar to above, if possible
  • The total amount of base registration fees that have been recovered from a borrower through modification, pay-off or reinstatement
  • Breakdown similar to above, if possible
  • The total amount of incidental registration fee charges that have been recovered from a borrower through modification, pay-off, including refinancing or reinstatement
  • Breakdown similar to above, if possible

If the institution is unable to separately identify the fee, explain how it accounted for the fee.

Give the specific category such fee was classified under for the purposes of loan modification, reinstatement, pay-off, foreclosure.

Lenders/Servicers may provide this information anonymously by sending the information to Christina Wiley, Executive Director of NYMBA.  Feel free to reach out to Christina or the DFS with any questions.

Rholda Ricketts, Deputy Superintendent

New York State Department of Financial Services

One State Street, New York, NY 10004+1511

Phone: (212) 709-5540  | Fax: (212) 709-5555 | rholda.ricketts@dfs.ny.gov


Climate change is projected to have profound effects on the U.S. economy and financial system. To address the severity in advance is critical says the DFS. The Department has hired its first Director of Sustainability and Climate Initiatives, Dr. Yue (Nina) Chen, to engage with various stakeholders, including regulators and the industry, and to develop expert guidance in this critical area.

Click here to read the Industry Guidance that was issued Oct. 29, 2020


FHFA Extends Foreclosure/Eviction Moratorium

To help borrowers and renters who are at risk of losing their home due to the coronavirus national emergency, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the Enterprises) will extend their single-family moratorium on foreclosures and evictions until at least December 31, 2020. The foreclosure moratorium applies to Enterprise-backed, single-family mortgages only. The current moratorium was set to expire on August 31st.

To help keep borrowers in their homes during the pandemic, FHFA is extending the Enterprises’ foreclosure and eviction moratoriums through the end of 2020,” said Director Mark Calabria. “This protects more than 28 million homeowners with an Enterprise-backed mortgage.”

FHFA will continue to monitor the coronavirus situation and update policies as needed. To understand the protections and assistance the government is offering people having trouble paying their mortgage, please visit the joint Department of Housing and Urban Development, FHFA, and the Consumer Financial Protection /Bureau website at cfpb.gov/housing​.​

8/27/2020, FHFA, Washington, D.C.

FHFA Further Extends Buying Loans in Forbearance until December 31, 2020

To support homeowners and mortgage lenders, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has approved an extension of the current temporary policy that allows for the purchase of certain single-family mortgages in forbearance that meet specific eligibility criteria as set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the Enterprises). The policy is extended for loans originated through December 31, 2020.

Earlier this year, FHFA and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced the Borrower Protection Program to ensure that borrowers are protected during the coronavirus national emergency and to facilitate related information sharing. To ensure that borrowers are qualifying for mortgages they can afford, FHFA will continue sharing aggregated data with the CFPB on loans that enter forbearance before delivery to the Enterprises. The data sharing will allow FHFA to fulfill its obligation under the so-called “Qualified Mortgage Patch” to ensure that loans sold to the Enterprises are complying with the intent of Dodd-Frank’s ability to repay provisions. (more)

November 12, 2020 Washington, D.C.


FHFA Extends COVID-Related Loan Processing Flexibilities to 12/31/2020

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the Enterprises) will extend several loan origination flexibilities until December 31, 2020. The changes are to ensure continued support for borrowers during the COVID-19 national emergency. The flexibilities were set to expire on November 30, 2020.

Extended flexibilities include:

Join MAA Banner

As the financial capital of the country, it would reason that New York should have the highest number of MAA members.  Right now, New York is not the leader in MAA members. New York Real estate finance professionals need to be engaged in a vital way that directly impacts the way you do business.  Whether you’re the CEO, CFO, CIO, Vice-President, Manager, Underwriter, Processor, Closer, QC, Servicer,  in the Secondary Market–YOUR VOICE SHOULD BE HEARD. YOU SHOULD JOIN MAA and encourage your staff and coworkers to join–TODAY!

Follow this link to complete the simple form.  It asks for your home address to identify your legislative representative, both at the Federal and State levels. Membership is on an individual basis, not corporate, so all employees are able to join and encouraged to do so. Membership is voluntary, free and renewable each year.

Speak directly with your members of Congress, state legislators and federal regulators about the impact of proposed legislation or regulations with the Mortgage Action Alliance, Inc.® (MAA). This voluntary, non-partisan and free nationwide grassroots lobbying network of real estate finance industry professionals, affiliated with the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), is dedicated to strengthening the industry’s voice and lobbying power in Washington, DC and state capitals across America.

Get involved with MAA to play an active role in how laws and regulations that affect the industry and consumers are created and carried out by lobbying and building relationships with policymakers. It only takes a moment to get started, and you do not have to be a member of MBA to enroll.




Business people



The support of every residential real estate finance entity in New York is imperative to enable our continued efforts to promote and refine  industry standards and remain vigilant in monitoring legislation that affects YOUR business.  Sign-up now and all employees of your company receive member-benefits.

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The New York Mortgage Bankers Association furthers the standards of the real estate financing profession in the areas of education, legislation, regulation, and ethics of practice.

By taking advantage of the resources offered by the New York Mortgage Bankers Association, you will be in a position to meet the demands of today’s competitive market and plan for the challenges of tomorrow. Since Membership is by company, all employees of your company are considered members and can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Monitoring of State Legislation – NYMBA keeps members informed on pending legislation
  • Lobbying for the Industry – The New York Mortgage Bankers Association is a registered lobbying organization in the State of New York.
  • Educational Opportunities – Via classroom seminars or online webinars, NYMBA enables your company to increase efficiency and productivity and stay competitive in the real estate finance industry.
  • Earned Continuing Education Credits – NYMBA contracts with CE providers who conduct classes and submit for continuing education credits for non-depository lenders.
  • Annual Convention – the Convention is an exclusive event for the New York mortgage banking profession that is structured to educate, enlighten and offer unique networking opportunities for its members. Each year, the Convention will offer complete educational and legislative updates from leading industry and MBA professionals, a trade show of exhibitors, and more. Members receive regular Convention alerts and discounted pricing for this special event.
  • Liaison with State/Federal Regulatory Authorities – NYMBA works closely with regulatory authorities on members’ behalf.
  • Public Relations Contact with the News Media – NYMBA serves as the contact for news media throughout New York and directs the media to leaders of NYMBA.
  • NYMBAlerts E-News – NYMBA keeps members apprised of the latest breaking information via special broadcast NYMBAlerts. As a NYMBA member, your company receives these at no additional cost.


The New York Mortgage Bankers Association received its non-profit trade association approval from the State of New York in September of 2014. Since the statewide association began operations, the group has had a number of successes and accomplishments. Some of which are:

    • Instrumental in IMB’s (Independent Mortgage Bankers) recapturing their portion of the NYS Mortgage Recording Tax
    • Collaboratively worked to form and pass legislation that affects lenders and Industry Partners:
      • Appraisal Management Company (AMC) Licensing
      • Manufactured Housing Title Conversion (to be considered Real Property)*
      • Fast-track Foreclosure process for Zombie/Vacant & Abandoned properties
      • Eliminate statutory 25% mortgage insurance coverage limitation
    • Fixed the New York State sub-prime calculation when FHA went to Life-of-Loan MIP
    • Reversing a state budget provision that no longer allowed non-depository lenders to receive a refund of the special additional mortgage recording fee
    • Joining with several national trade associations in a successful effort to soften the final New York State cyber security rule
    • Forging relationships with key members of the New York State Legislature, bringing the association into the conversation when proposed legislation has an impact on the mortgage finance industry
    • Forming a Political Action Committee
    • Holding an annual convention that attracts national speakers, second to none
    • Conducting an annual Advocacy Event that assists in getting our message out to the Legislature and the Executive Branch
    • Establishing a relationship with the Department of Financial Services in order to discuss and resolve member issues
    • Assisting the Department of Financial Services in the writing of the Consumer Bill of Rights,  and much more.

*In Process

Join New York MBA today and begin receiving member discounts and benefits!  For additional details, please contact executive director Christina Wiley at (518)963-0593 or email: cwiley@nymba.org.  Download our membership application here.


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Legislative and Industry News

Remote Online Notarization

April 2020:  Legislation introduced in NY’s Assembly and Senate this legislative session is supported by New York Mortgage Bankers Association.  NYMBA provided both houses minimum standards that was developed by MBA and ALTA (American Land Title Association) and supported by MISMORON, the signing and notarization of electronic documents,  is performed through the use of audio-visual technology.

Manufactured Housing Titling Conversion

October 25, 2019:  NYMBA, with other industry professionals, met with the Governor’s staff about the need for titling conversion in New York. Currently, manufactured housing is titled as personal property/chattel and there is no mechanism to convert title to real property. New York is the only state that does not allow for title conversion for manufactured housing.

With over 190,000 manufactured housing units in New York State, primarily located in rural upstate, western New York, and areas of Long Island and Staten Island, manufactured housing remains a source of affordable housing and a means for low and moderate income New Yorkers to establish wealth and financial security.

The Governor’s staff was very receptive to having a process for title conversion as it benefits many New Yorkers around the state and we look forward to continuing the conversation.


Legislation was passed by the Senate and Assembly in the 2019 legislative session and now awaits the Governor’s signature.

Regulatory Relief Legislation receives Trumps approval

May 24, 2018:  President Trump signed S.2155, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act.  The full House passed the bill earlier in the week by a vote of 258-159. This legislation is unchanged from that which passed the Senate in March by a filibuster-proof bipartisan margin of 67-31. This legislation contains a number of MBA-supported provisions, such as:

  • SAFE Act amendments to provide 120 days of transitional authority for MLOs to originate when leaving a depository to join a sponsoring non-bank (or when crossing state lines);
  • Applying TILA consumer protections to PACE/energy efficiency mortgage products;
  • Added safeguards to protect veterans, surviving spouses and service members who utilize the VA Home Loan program’s IRRRL refinancing product;
  • An improved, more workable regulatory regime for the eligibility of High Volatility Commercial Real Estate (HVCRE) construction loans; and,
  • Partial TRID and HMDA relief

Thank you to those who took action on these important issues!  Your advocacy makes a difference.

Brian Montgomery is confirmed as FHA Commissioner

May 22, 2018: By a comfortable 74-23 vote, the Senate approved Brian Montgomery as Assistant Secretary for Housing and FHA Commissioner, ending a nine-month process that saw his nomination repeatedly held up by Senate rules and a backlog of other Trump Administration nominations. Twenty-five Democrats joined 49 Republicans in approving Montgomery.


On April 26, 2018 the Bureau of Consumer Finance Protection announced that it has addressed Regulation Z pertaining to TRID-RESPA, and re-disclosing changes of fees to borrowers before closing.  Access the new ruling here.


 On July 7, 2017, the CFPB published “Updates to [the] ‘Know Before You Owe’ Mortgage Disclosure Rule,” to provide more clarity and greater certainty, as well as include technical corrections and amendments. The 560 page document includes:

  • Changes to the assistance loan exemption
  • Expansion of the KBYO/TRID rule for loans on cooperatives
  • Total of Payments calculations and related tolerances
  • The use of informational Loan Estimates
  • Clarifications regarding the Written List of Providers
  • Greater clarity for sharing information among settlement service providers
  • Changes regarding Construction Loans and Calculating Cash to Close
  • and more. For a copy of the rule, click HERE


The NY First Home bill A5616/S4058 passed both the New York State Assembly and Senate before the end of the 2017 legislative session.  The legislation would allow individuals to deposit up to $5,000 per year ($10,000 for couples)  of after-tax dollars into a tax-free savings account, to pay for the down payment and closing costs,  in the case of a first-time homebuyer.  In addition, the principal amount would be treated as a state income tax deduction.  To view the legislation, click HERE.


Last Thursday, the NYSDFS published a cybersecurity rule that goes into effect on March 1, 2017. However, some parts of the regulation phase in anywhere from 180 days to 2 years in the future. The rule impacts banks, insurance companies, and other financial services institutions regulated by the Department. To view the press release and link to the regulation, click HERE.


Senate Bill 8159 Part Q, New York’s  vacant and abandoned property legislation, became effective on December 20, 2016. According to the NYSDFS press release on December 7, 2016,  a provision of the new law requires the court overseeing a foreclosure proceeding to provide homeowners a copy of the  Consumer Bill of Rights  at the initial mandatory settlement conference. However within the Consumer Bill of Rights, the borrower is informed of where to go to find out what to bring to the mandatory settlement conference.  There are other notices that the lender/servicer is required to send to the borrower at least 90 days before commencing legal action against the borrower. Consult SB8159 Part Q for specifics.

Under the law, bank and mortgage servicers must complete an inspection of a property subject to delinquency within 90 days and must secure and maintain the property where the bank or servicer has a reasonable basis to believe that the property is vacant and abandoned. Banks and mortgage servicers are required to report all such vacant and abandoned properties to DFS and submit quarterly reports detailing their efforts to secure and maintain the properties and the status of any foreclosure proceedings. If DFS determines that a property that has been deemed vacant and abandoned is not being properly maintained by the relevant bank or mortgage servicer, the Superintendent will exercise her authority to hold the bank or mortgage servicer accountable. Violations are subject to a civil penalty of $500 per day per property.


On  December 7, 2016 the New York State Department of Financial Services released the Final Rule pertaining to vacant and abandoned properties. The legislation takes effect on December 20, 2016. The New York Mortgage Bankers Association has performed a complete analysis of the changes in the Final Rule, as opposed to the Proposed Rule. The NYMBA Analysis, Proposed Rule and  Final Rule can be obtained by clicking on the following links:



In the early morning hours Saturday, June 18, 2016, the NY State Legislature passed S8159, a bill that would require servicers to maintain vacant and abandoned property that they do not own, for the many years that a foreclosure takes in the state of New York. Federally and state chartered depositories are exempt from the requirement if they either originate, own, service, or maintain their mortgages, or a portion thereof; and have less than 3/10 of 1% of the total loans in the state which they either originate, own, service or maintain.

Lenders/servicers will be required to inspect properties within 90 days of delinquency to determine occupancy, and continue to inspect every 25-30 days. Within 7 days of determining the property is vacant, the lender/servicer must post a notice on the property stating that they are maintaining the property, and provide a phone number to call. If there is no response from the borrower within 7 calendar days of posting, the lender servicer must secure and begin maintaining the property. The lender/servicer may not remove any of the borrower’s personal property. There is a $500 per day fine to lenders/servicers for non-compliance.

The legislation also includes: a requirement to notify delinquent borrowers that they may stay in the property throughout the foreclosure process; a requirement for the NY DFS to publish a Consumer Bill of Rights; a requirement for a lender/servicer who acquires a property through a judgment of foreclosure to place a property back on the market for sale within 180 days of the deed of sale or within 90 days of renovation of the property, whichever occurs first; extension of “workout” options in the mandatory settlement conference; an expedited foreclosure process for a vacant and abandoned property, if the borrowers fails to appear at the mandatory settlement conference; and technical changes to the STAR Personal Income Tax Credit.

For full text of the bill, click HERE.

 NYS 2016 Budget Reinstates the Refund of the Special Additional Mortgage Recording Tax

On Friday evening, April 1, 2016 the New York State Budget was passed. The budget included the following language:


“Section 1. Paragraph (b) of subdivision 9 of section 210-B of the tax law, as added by section 17 of part A of chapter 59 of the laws of 2014, is amended to read as follows:

(b) Carryover or refund. In no event shall the credit herein provided for be allowed in an amount which will reduce the tax payable to less than the fixed dollar minimum amount prescribed in paragraph (d) of subdivision one of section two hundred ten of this article. If, however, the amount of credit allowable under this subdivision for any taxable year, including any credit carried over from a prior taxable year, reduces the tax to such amount or if the taxpayer otherwise pays tax based on the fixed dollar minimum amount, any amount of credit not deductible in such taxable year may be carried over to the following year or years and may be deducted from the taxpayer’s tax for such year or years. In lieu of carrying over to the following year or years, the unused portion of credits attributable to the special additional mortgage recording tax paid by the taxpayer as mortgagee with respect to mortgages of real property principally improved or to be improved by one or more structures containing in the aggregate not more than six residential dwelling units, each dwelling unit having its own separate cooking facilities, such taxpayer may elect to treat such unused portion as an overpayment of tax to be credited or refunded in accordance with the provisions of section ten hundred eighty-six of this chapter, except that no interest shall be paid on such overpayment.

  • 2. This act shall take effect immediately and shall be deemed to have been in full force and effect on the same date and in the same manner as part A of chapter 59 of the laws of 2014, took effect.”

As previously reported, upon learning that the 2014 budget eliminated the refund, effective with the 2015 tax year, the NYMBA contacted  the New York State Assembly and Senate; explaining the impact on non-depository lenders, and requesting a correction in the 2016 budget, retroactive back to January 1, 2015. In addition, we asked you to contact your legislators. As a result, there was bipartisan support in the NYS legislature for the correction, and it was added to both the Assembly and Senate One House bills, and inserted into the final bill, passed by both the Assembly and Senate. Our sincere thanks go out to all of you that assisted in this effort. Loss of the refund would have had a devastating impact on mortgage bankers doing business in the state of New York when filing their 2015 tax returns.


NYMBA Committees:  Be Involved–Stay Involved

 Join a NYMBA Committee–there’s one that’s right for you!

  • Legislative Committee   Discuss pending legislation that affects your industry. Talk about where the committee stands on passage or defeat of legislation.
  • Convention Committee     Plan, market, and carryout the annual convention.
  • Education Committee     Discuss, recommend  topics for educational events that you would like to see the association address in the form of either webinars or live events; assist with putting events together.
  • Membership Committee   The association is growing–and we want to grow even more! Help to engage lenders, servicers and vendors throughout the state with outreach efforts by leveraging your contacts to promote New York MBA.
  • PAC Fundraising Committee     Is fundraising a passion of yours? Do you believe that a strong PAC is crucial in the political process? Here’s an opportunity to help raise funds for the New York Mortgage Bankers Political Action Committee.
  • Loan Servicing Committee   Works closely with the Legislative Committee to understand proposed legislation that impacts Loan Servicing of current and delinquent loans in New York. Issues are proactively reviewed and communicated to the Board of Directors with suggesting a plan of action. Four working groups have been established with specific goals:
    Foreclosure Court Task Force Work on collecting data and researching the root cause of issues leading to the foreclosure court backlogs as well as other issues impacting the lengthy timelines in NYS.  The group would then work to identify feasible solutions to address these causes and work closely with the Legislative Committee to identify appropriate next steps.
    Collaboration with Local MBA’s and “Boots on the Ground” Promote relationships with regional MBA’s as well as local stakeholders i.e. task forces, land banks etc. Communicate NY MBA efforts and best practices as well as identifying local issues related to vacant and abandoned properties and mortgaged properties in NYS.
    Forging New Relationships and Improving Existing Relationships Building and improving relationships with New York Department of Financial Services (NY DFS), New York Conference Of Mayors (NYCOM), New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC), Land Banks, Habitat, National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST), Servicers and Credit Unions. Communicate with both government and private groups that have an interest in addressing servicing issues in the state as well as those impacting in New York communities.
    Increasing Servicer Participation Increasing Servicing sessions and education at association events, the NYMBA Annual Convention, as well as at the national MBA level.
  • Technology Committee  Enhance the association’s social media presence, increase awareness of association activities and contribute to website content.

    JOIN A COMMITTEE–email us today!

Education and Events


NMLS Course Number: 11741 (7 Hour) and 11737 (1 Hour) & 3-Hr NY

  • NOVEMBER 4: Appraisal Roundtable Discussion at 12pm

            SPONSORED BY: Ianniello Anderson, P.C. and National MI

          “Navigating Today’s Appraisal Process” with national speaker/educator Luke Tomszewski

            SPONSORED BY: Essent and School Systems FCU

TOPIC:  The Municipal Perspective on COVID & Community Development

While many communities are experiencing devastating health impacts from the Coronavirus, the economic impacts are proving to be equally harmful. The effects of layoffs and business closures are rippling through communities as people struggle to get by and pay bills. Today’s panelists will discuss what local officials are seeing in their communities, including the rise in rent arears and modified court proceedings and a backlog of court cases. The panelists will discuss what communities need from the State and federal governments to weather the pandemic and minimize the impact on our communities.


  • DECEMBER 2Roundtable Discussion at 12pm

TOPIC: Outlook 2021

A synopsis of the outlook for the year combining Fannie, Freddie, FHFA, National Association of Home Builders and National Association of Realtors. Followed by Q&A.  We are also doing an engaging walk through of the URLA- the form discussed amongst the participants, the reasoning and implications behind it.

BE A SPONSOR–Contact us Today!

Email Frank Beach at Frank@diehl1.com or Christina Wiley at cwiley@nymba.org or call 518-963-0593.




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